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No way! It's too good to be true, others may say that, there's no such thing as free dressmaking tutorials, fabrics, supplies, patternmaking, alterations? Includes, complete lessons in all aspect of dressmaking. Well, in my case, and in our site, i say YES!!! and I am humbly offering and sharing my four decades of experience in the fashion of dressmaking industry.

A step by step lessons through words, texts, and even in videos for easy learning dressmaking from start to finish. Here, you will be taught the actual process of custom-sewing of gowns, dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, suits, and all related woman's clothings.

Dressed Manequins
Finished Couture Dress

Dressmaking is the art and or craft of creating and customizing clothing such as gowns, dresses, and suits professionally. It is something most women want to possess -- to be able to create their own outfits! Unfortunately for some, they don't have the skills and know-how to begin with. There are a lot of tutorials out there but only here we can claim it to be free.

In the world of fashion, custom-made clothing has pioneered the industry. If you have always imagined yourself creating and sewing your own dresses from scratch. I encourage you to continue reading the rest of the articles and lessons on this site. I guarantee you that this dressmaking tutorial site contains tons of information you need to become one high caliber dressmaker someday.

Perhaps, best of all, the finished garments will pefectly fit as it is designed to your body, haute couture. As such, it becomes a continuously good investment for its superior quality and workmanship. It eventually makes a garment that last longer than most.

This site is strategically divided into five major sections to help you fully understand and appreciate dressmaking as an art and as a passion.

Part I - Free Dressmaking Tutorials for Beginners- A brief guideline and introduction on how to start dressmaking. Safety tips that protect you from harm are also discussed. Dressmaking tools and equipments needed are enummerated here as well. Then the final steps would be pattern drafting illustrations, laying out the fabric, cutting techniques, sewing construction and finally down to finish garment.

Design and Concept
Design and Concept

Part II - Dressmaking Fabrics - From your design concept, the next step is to source the appropriate fabrics that you need. This is only the beginning; it takes some time to accumulate enough knowledge to identify every type of fabric for dressmaking. Here is one solution and technique you should consider to help you go along the way to become a dressmaker.

Prepare and create a swatch record book. Whenever you visit a fabric store, ask for a piece of swatch in every fabric you're interested in. It is very important to know how much per yard, what kind of fabric natural or chemical, and their content too.

Fabric Selection
Fabric Selection

In a warm tropical to hot weather, light,earthtones,and some bright colours are appropriate to wear. Something like linen, cotton, and silk. In cool to cold weather, red are very popular in the holidays, dark colours and heavy fabrics are essential, heavy silk,wool and animal skin.

Part III - Dressmaking Supplies - After fabric selections are done, the next step is to acquire a good working sewing machine and sewing tool kits: like a tape measure, a pair of tailor's square and curve ruler, a pair of sharp scissors, pattern paper and at least a 5x3ft flat table for cutting. To complete your design concept, match your fabric material with perfect trims, and accessory supplies: like buttons, belts, zippers, elastic and more... Please visit our supplies!!!

Supplies and Equipment
Supplies and Equipment

Part IV - Dressmaking in Patternmaking - Congratulations!!! You have read the introductory instructions of free dressmaking tutorials. Your fabrics supplies and sewing tools are ready for you to use. Now, prepare the table and sewings tool kits and start drafting the pattern from your design or sewby. Correct measurements are the key to perfect fit! My secret policy in Custom dressmaking is to make patterns first. No short cuts! If possible, transfer the flat pattern into a muslin cloth pattern for fitting before cutting into the actual fabric material. This will avoid future problems. Visit our patterns pages....

Fabric Selection
Patterns hanging in the workplace

Part V - Dressmaking in Alterations - Be it known that if you know how to create dresses, you are a real dressmaker, then you should know how to alter lousy fittings too. Here, we'll illustrate in text, and show via video the techniques on how to fix and alter problems in a case to case job of alterations. As we promised, FREE! for goodness sake. Visit our pages in alterations...

Fabric Selection
Taking measurements for alterations

Okay, let's go to work. Have fun and make results on your journey to the free dressmaking tutorials for beginners! I'm cordially inviting everyone out there to join in, beginners, experienced, advanced dressmakers and future designers too! Refresh your methods and skills, we're going to have couture dress drapings and sewing challenges coming soon. Watch out!!!

Now, enjoy learning free dressmaking tutorials at your own time, in your own place at no cost to you. Do yourself a favor, grab the opportunity, it's a win win situation here, nothing to loose but to gain FIVE CAREER COURSES, and when you become all around, you will be called as a PROFESSIONAL DRESSMAKER! You've got it all here free!

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